Who we are?

Ananda House Institute of Languages was established in 2008. Since then, we have been having the honour to provide services to a variety of notable companies: small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations with local, regional and nationwide areas of operation. Our clients represented a wide range of businesses and profiles. It was not without reason that our company assumed the name of Institute, as constant development and improvement of our working methods are our priorities. We work systemically rather than massively. Not only do we concentrate on selected tasks but we also take the background of the accepted orders into consideration. We do not devaluate our knowledge and experience, by taking each job at all cost, trying to get to know and live up to all expectations of the most demanding customer instead. We incessantly monitor all our ventures, since providing the utmost professional services is essential for us.

Our team consists of highly creative people. We accomplish all promotional campaigns (from articles in press, through telemarketing and visual campaigns to directing advertising/brand awareness films) with passion and know-how. We can boast of vast experience in all areas of marketing, PR and advertisement. A fruit of our knowledge is a publication “Filozofia reklamy” (Philosophy of advertisement).

We have several years of experience in many fields – from transport and direct sale of various products to software and catering services.

The co-operation with our company is always based on expert analysis of your company’s needs and defining the target audience. After this phase, appropriate directions of operation are arrived at and the most efficient marketing channels as far as your company’s product is concerned are selected. Choosing our institute allows to minimise expenses because only efficient ways to reach the customer are applied.

The fact that we all speak and create in English and German fluently is the icing on the cake.

Let us succeed together!

Board of management:
Magdalena Napierała


An enthusiast of psychology and advertisement, sometimes also a writer… She has a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising, both on the Polish and the German market. She got a degree in social communication and public life from the Faculty of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. She treats each task with an insightful, analytical approach and always finds unusual, novel solutions. Creativity is her second and involvement her third name. She has many aces up her sleeve and fruits of her labour are tasteful to most discerning palates.

Privately she is fond of vedic philosophy, bhakti yoga and meditation.



Dawid Napierała


He believes that learning should bring pleasure, though at the same time he sets high standards, which effectively motivate to greater accomplishments. Teaching is his passion; he studies all novel methodological and didactic issues avidly. He bases his methods on experiences gained during studies in Manchester and working in Spain. Apart from teaching, he organises the whole team and, being a strict but fair boss, wins everybody’s respect.

In his free time he practises bhakti yoga and meditates as well as he ardently studies vedic texts.