“The four Ps of services marketing are: people, people, people, people…”

Richard Dow


As Angus McLeod intelligently noticed, “the whole marketing must depend on explaining to your potential clients how you can make their lives better. It’s always like that. Always!”. This is exactly why our consultants are not usual telemarketers but people selected and trained accordingly to hold conversations of a supreme quality. We offer state-of-the-art services to enhance your company’s image. We don’t simply sell things on the phone, we highlight the benefits of choosing the product and we lead the customer into using your services.

We constantly monitor our undertakings, trying to further boost efficiency of our campaigns. We analyse our conversations with customers in detail, evaluating such factors as validity of the arguments used or the consultant’s work.

We keep working with a psychologist and a telemarketing specialist, which leads to the implementation of tangible improvements: elaboration on the strength of our claims, phrasing and response to counterarguments.

Consequently, our effectiveness is permanently on the rise. We also prepare in-depth reports that can lead directly to the constant improvement of different marketing and PR activities.


We offer telemarketing services in the following areas:

  • Market research,
  • Arranging meetings of the traders
  • Customer service.


Telemarketing at Ananda House:

  • Carefully selected consultants,
  • Professional drafting of the conversation,
  • Fully and adequately instructed consultants,
  • Creating detailed reports and analyses of the conducted conversations,
  • Preparing statistics,
  • Continual monitoring and evaluation of the consultant’s work.