Markting Outsourcing

“If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competition, there is no sense doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us”

Henry Ford


No company has opportunities to develop significantly nowadays unless it has good marketing and public relations. In marketing outsourcing that we offer elimination of costs is in central position. You don’t have to invest in your own marketing branch in the company, which is expensive to maintain. We are there to provide the best marketing solutions and strategies of the time. We possess know-how and experience that most newly-established internal marketing departments lack. Consequently, you can expect not only costs optimisation but also sustaining effective co-operation at the best possible level.


We offer marketing outsourcing in the fields of:

  • Telemarketing – experienced consultants carrying on conversations at the highest level
  • Image creation – corporate design preparation, logo, slogans, texts for all kinds of actions, building Internet websites, search engine optimisation, PR on all mass media
  • Brand managementprofessional consultant under experienced manager scrutiny handles the whole of marketing actions promoting the brand. Brand marketing includes, among others, sales analysis, market research and monitoring, promotion, trade marketing and close co-operation with trade branches of a company
  • Writing articles and newsletters
  • SEO – search engine optimisation
  • Specialist marketing and PR counselling
  • Organisation and launching of advertising campaigns
  • Directing film presentations of a product, advertising spots, films presenting the profile of a company and training film materials
  • Drawing up, executing and monitoring of marketing budget
  • Organising seminars on customer service and effective conversations with customers
  • Organising marketing crash courses
  • Organising and holding conferences and various events
  • Preparing companies for any PR and marketing activity (trade fair, conferences, different appearances)
  • …and many other


You already have a marketing section?

We still want to work together!  We’re eager to meet new people and our skills will put a new spirit into your projects.