For most people sight is the most prominent sense, through which they access the majority of information. At the same time, marketing is gradually losing its power, PR is starting to get more significant, hence the importance of a brand or company’s image. Image or advertising film is definitely a perfect way of introduce your company to potential clients, present advantages of working with you, encourage prospective employees to join your team, present your products attractively, showing all of their advantages… and many more. What we offer is creating an interesting script, which is customised to your needs, and professional implementation of the project.
We have a great experience in directing and preparing the production of various films – from the ones presenting image, through adverts and movies endorsing a product to video clips.


The devil’s not so black as he’s painted – prices.

The costs of film production are not as high as it’s frequently assumed.


The icing on the cake
What characterises our realisations is especially its professionalism and using the best equipment available:

  • Camera dolly PANTHER PRO with the tracks
  • Filming crane (camera arm with an automatic head up to 10m – for bird’s eye view takes and takes in motion)
  • Professional STEADYCAM for takes in motion (fluid motion video recorder)
  • Professional TV camcorder JVC PRO HD with a DOF 35 mm converter (noble, cinematic quality of picture with shallow depth of field) and a camera CANON EOS 5 D mark II
  • Film lighting equipment 5400 K with a total power of 3 KW
  • Professional set of capacitor microphones with sound recorder of highest studio quality 96 kHz 24 bit + boom poles
  • Filming lenses of supreme HD quality